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Reborn – Part One of Two by Alexis Cox     For years, I have heard of Native American sweat lodges–from friends, movies, the news and even my own mother.  I held them in both a sort of revered fear and a hushed ecstasy.  I wasn’t a hundred percent sure what happened in these lodges of sweat, but I knew that anything from overheating and potentially dying (as recently happened to an unfortunate three participants in Sedona) to a transformative psychedelic experience was a possibility.   Friends have told me they’ve encountered their spirit animals during the experience, which for me always conjures an image from Natural Born Killers, where the old man in the sweat lodge is chanting and the snake appears seemingly as a manifestation of the murderous protagonists. There might have been some peyote involved in that scene … Continue reading

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We had a great first STWSocial event yesterday! Thank you to all of those who came out and spent your Sunday afternoon with us. We are so happy to share STW with you and to have you in our community. A BIG thank you to our speakers and volunteers. More STWSocials to come soon!  

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The following article appeared in our STW February Newsletter. To have the monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox SUBSCRIBE HERE. February is a month when we tend to think a lot about love and the importance of cherishing someone else. We make someone we love feel special and in return they do the same for us. Or we wish for that someone special and wonder where they are.   May I offer a suggestion? Perhaps we create another conversation around love… Do we cherish who we are? Do we take care of ourselves? Do we love ourselves enough?   I sometimes find myself in doubt, encased in fear and literally feeling paralyzed by my emotions. Keeping myself in a state of worry, I wonder if I am worthy of being loved and taken care of. I begin to question everything I that … Continue reading

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