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March is here.  The third month of the year.  A time when New Year’s resolutions may be coming into fruition, or have been discarded altogether.  This is the month when we realize time flies, and that 2013 is coming into full swing.  Warm weather slowly makes its return; the flowers are blooming.  March is the month of Caesar’s fateful Ides, metaphors of lions and lambs, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day.  While traditions vary, there are certain hallmarks of the day that come to mind.  Reveling with friends, grand parades, the donning of green and the annual return of the McDonald’s shamrock shake.  Ah, shamrocks.  A typical shamrock, or clover as we know it, has three leaves.  Once in a blue moon we stumble upon the four leaf clover, an uncommon variation.  A four leaf clover is thought to bring luck to it’s finder.  Approximately 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves, so … Continue reading

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Reborn – Part Two of Two by Alexis Cox   Please read Part One to understand where this picks up:   We entered from the left side of the opening, dropped to our knees and entered “the womb” in Mother Earth as he called it, moving all the way around the outside of the dome structure on our knees until we got to the far right.  I entered third, right after my friend, so we would be close to the entrance (entering last or first is ideal if you are worried about needing to get out) and we made ourselves comfortable sitting on the blankets which lined the floor.  The lodge filled up with the same bodies that had sat around the fire, one by one people entered from the left crawling around the perimeter until they were not crawling … Continue reading

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