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Just Relax – Part Three of Three by Mary Taylor Fullerton   Please read Part One and Part Two  to understand where this picks up:   Now lying on my back, the warm-oil massage and acupressure continued: each finger, in between each toe, ears, major muscle groups, all the while re-applying the warm oil and connecting with the lymph system to help flush those unwanted fluids.   Over an hour later, it came time for the warm oil forehead drip or “third-eye.”  I was intrigued, though the set-up brought me back to a very present, even mildly apprehensive state.  Sanghee wheeled the cart over so it rested in line with the massage table.  Per her instruction, I slid up to the very edge of the table so the catch basin was under my head and the gently swinging copper pot over my … Continue reading

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I would receive three treatments: (1) Abhyanga – warm oil therapeutic massage This, she told me, is not like a typical massage (not only deep muscle/tissue), it focuses mostly on the lymphatic system, to help flush toxins and other unwanted fluids our bodies store. (2) Ayurvedic Acupressure therapy Gentle pressure in just the right amount to specific points on my body to help activate energy flow and alleviate tension. Acupressure, I would later research, is an ancient healing art in which a practitioner uses their fingers to gradually press key healing points that stimulate the body in order to activate internal healing and soothing properties. (3) Shirodhara – warm oil drip on forehead (“third-eye”) Continue reading

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