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February is a month when we tend to think a lot about love and the importance of cherishing someone else. We make someone we love feel special and in return they do the same for us. Or we wish for that someone special and wonder where they are.


May I offer a suggestion? Perhaps we create another conversation around love… Do we cherish who we are? Do we take care of ourselves? Do we love ourselves enough?


I sometimes find myself in doubt, encased in fear and literally feeling paralyzed by my emotions. Keeping myself in a state of worry, I wonder if I am worthy of being loved and taken care of. I begin to question everything I that do. It is during this time that it is essential for me to take a step back.


I remind myself of how truly amazing life is and that many people struggle, and I am not alone. I think most humans at some point do experience feelings of being alone, scared and believing that world is against them. When this happens for me I know I have to reach out, be vulnerable, and share my fear with a friend, a family member, or therapist. I remember I can release the anger, frustration and anxiety, I don’t have to hold on to it or pretend like everything’s ok. I get to pause and take time to breathe deeply and stay in the present, not live in my past. I get to practice being compassionate with myself and not judge everything.


Only from our love of self can we live a life filled with happiness and joy. Loving oneself is not an act of selfishness. When we can truly love all that we are and cherish the life that we are so fortunate to live, we can be open to have compassion for others. With our love and acceptance of who we are, the good the bad and the ugly… we begin to  slowly understand the connection our lives have with others. We must take time to nurture who we are and what we want in this life. We must learn to love ourselves.


-Erin Hudson, STW Event Producer


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