Blessing of the Animals

Serve the Warrior and Lend a Paw at last weekend’s Blessing of the Animals event. Thanks Adiva for having us! Thanks to Lend a Paw for being part of it! Since 2005, Lend a Paw has been committed to enhancing the lives of individuals experiencing physical, mental, emotional or life challenges by providing social and therapy dogs to offer assistance, warmth, compassion, unconditional love and a healing environment.

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STW Team Member Receives Scholarship

STW Director of Veteran Outreach Sarah Eggers is the Beatrice Stern 2013 scholarship recipient! Congratulations Sarah! We are so happy for you. “Each year, Didi Hirsch Mental Health Services awards a $5,000 Beatrice Stern Intern Scholarship to outstanding students pursuing a master’s degree in social work or psychology that are interning at the agency. In keeping with our mission and Bea’s wishes, the scholarship is awarded to students who demonstrate a commitment to advocating for the disenfranchised, giving back to communities in need and erasing the stigma associated with brain disorders.”

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Happy Veterans Day!

We honor all of our Veterans today and every day. Thank you for your service. Your choosing to serve has impacted every single one of our lives. We at STW stand in support ready to return the favor. What can we, America, do for you?

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Thank You Megan!

A big, huge THANK YOU from STW to Megan Cederbaum! Megan just finished up her 3 month internship at STW. During her time here she launched our new FOSTW program, orchestrated the creation of our new TFGP logo, and much, much more! She was an amazing asset to the team and the STW movement! And….she has signed up to continue on as a volunteer!! We are so happy to continue working with you! Thank you for your service, Megan!

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The Flying Guinea Pig (TFGP) blog is a project of Serve The Warrior and created to encourage Veterans to explore and experience a nontraditional healing modality.

TFGP Blog is written by Veterans, STW team members, volunteers, civilians, and even possibly YOU! Without any prior experience and/or knowledge, writers are the “Guinea Pig” and choose a nontraditional healing modality to experience and then write about it. Continue reading

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Becoming a STW Veteran is easy & free! Complete the following and begin using FOSTW discounted services now.    1. SIGN UP for the STW Newsletter   2. LIKE STW on Facebook   3. FOLLOW STW on Twitter   If you are not on social media let us know at and we will register you differently.

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Shining a Light on Like-Minded Orgs

Serve the Warrior is happy to be collaborating with Military Experience & the Arts! Like STW, Military Experience & the Arts is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization for Veterans. MEA’s primary mission is to work with Veterans and their families to publish creative prose, poetry, and artwork. All editing, consultations, and workshops are free of charge to those accepted for publication. Each Veteran receives extensive, one-on-one consultations on his or her written or artistic work no matter where that Veteran might be located. MEA also works with scholars to publish articles related to Veterans’ issues in the humanities and social sciences.   MEA’s “flagship” publication is The Journal of Military Experience (JME). JME began in 2011 in a college classroom and presently receives worldwide submissions from Veterans and military communities. MEA is currently working on their third volume which will feature 59 original artwork pieces. You can … Continue reading

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Peace for Washington Navy Yard

Now as Washington DC and our nation is rocked again with the trauma and pain of yet another mass shooting, it is our responsibility to be the change that our nation so desperately needs. Sitting glued in front of the news and living in more and more fear, anxiety, despair, and sorrow is not the answer. However, it is a beginning. Begin by observing what you are feeling and what you are experiencing. Honor those feelings. You are feeling them, after all. Then perhaps try something new. Can you begin to hold the space or the feeling tone or thoughts of peace, compassion, or love? Can you send this this peace, this love to all of those effected by yesterday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting? What other positive actions can we take? How can we be the change?   Additional tool: Try … Continue reading

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A big warm welcome goes out to Sarah E., STW’s newest team member! We are ecstatic to have Sarah as our new Director of Veteran Outreach. STW Vets, if you want STW nontraditional healing programming to come to your city, talk to Sarah. Sarah, thank you so much for catching the STW vision & being of service!  

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