Thank you!

We are so grateful to all of you who participated in Sunday’s community drum circle. Thank you for opening your hearts and sharing your stories through the rhythm of the drum. The feeling of community, connection, & healing was palpable.

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STWSocial – Spring Picnic

Our STW Spring Picnic is this Sunday, May 5th from 1-4p! Bring your family, bring your friends! For more details and to RSVP, please visit our Events Calendar.  

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March is here.  The third month of the year.  A time when New Year’s resolutions may be coming into fruition, or have been discarded altogether.  This is the month when we realize time flies, and that 2013 is coming into full swing.  Warm weather slowly makes its return; the flowers are blooming.  March is the month of Caesar’s fateful Ides, metaphors of lions and lambs, and of course, St. Patrick’s Day.  While traditions vary, there are certain hallmarks of the day that come to mind.  Reveling with friends, grand parades, the donning of green and the annual return of the McDonald’s shamrock shake.  Ah, shamrocks.  A typical shamrock, or clover as we know it, has three leaves.  Once in a blue moon we stumble upon the four leaf clover, an uncommon variation.  A four leaf clover is thought to bring luck to it’s finder.  Approximately 1 in 10,000 clovers have four leaves, so … Continue reading

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We had a great first STWSocial event yesterday! Thank you to all of those who came out and spent your Sunday afternoon with us. We are so happy to share STW with you and to have you in our community. A BIG thank you to our speakers and volunteers. More STWSocials to come soon!  

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The following article appeared in our STW February Newsletter. To have the monthly newsletter delivered to your inbox SUBSCRIBE HERE. February is a month when we tend to think a lot about love and the importance of cherishing someone else. We make someone we love feel special and in return they do the same for us. Or we wish for that someone special and wonder where they are.   May I offer a suggestion? Perhaps we create another conversation around love… Do we cherish who we are? Do we take care of ourselves? Do we love ourselves enough?   I sometimes find myself in doubt, encased in fear and literally feeling paralyzed by my emotions. Keeping myself in a state of worry, I wonder if I am worthy of being loved and taken care of. I begin to question everything I that … Continue reading

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Our Serve the Warrior video was featured on The Daily DoGooder this month! This is what they have to say…                

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STW’s January Update

    As we say goodbye to 2012 and usher in 2013 it is the perfect time to reflect and retune ourselves for the coming year. In doing so our team had a chance to look at what we’ve accomplished in 2012 and make plans for what we will achieve in 2013!!   OUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS In March of 2012 we saw the birth of Serve the Warrior! Julia’s vision of creating a retreat for Veterans with invisible wounds such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI) was in such need that the support has been flowing with grace and ease. From the Veterans we have met seeking alternative resources, to the healing professionals and individuals who are eager to volunteer, it is apparent this is a COMMUNITY whose time has come. We joined forces with Kind … Continue reading

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In Honor of the Brave Women of Sandy Hook Elementary

Like so many of us, Karen Martino was deeply saddened by the recent, senseless killings at Sandy Hook Elementary School. She shares that she felt so at a loss as to “how can I help” … and then a lightbulb went off!!!   She shares this:   I want to send Serve The Warrior a donation in the names of the adults lost – since they too, like our vets, served in the line of duty!   Therefore, I would like to donate to the Serve The Warrior cause, to use in whatever way it’s needed, $1,000 in honor of each of the brave women who died –    Dawn Hochsprung                     Victoria Soto                      Mary Sherlach Lauren Rousseau         … Continue reading

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STW’s newest project has launched! Welcome to “The Flying Guinea Pig” Blog. If you are curious about nontraditional healing treatments than this is the place for you. Our civilian and Veteran bloggers have signed up to do more than just write and report…they have agreed to be our guinea pigs! Flying Guinea Pig writers are asked to receive a healing treatment/class/session in an arena that they have no previous experience in. With an open mind, our Guinea Pigs try something new. And it is here, in TFGP, where they share their experiences with you.    

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Happy Fourth!


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