Peace for Washington Navy Yard

Now as Washington DC and our nation is rocked again with the trauma and pain of yet another mass shooting, it is our responsibility to be the change that our nation so desperately needs. Sitting glued in front of the news and living in more¬†and more fear, anxiety, despair, and sorrow is not the answer. However, it is a beginning. Begin by observing what you are feeling and what you are experiencing. Honor those feelings. You are feeling them, after all. Then perhaps try something new. Can you begin to hold the space or the feeling tone or thoughts of peace, compassion, or love? Can you send this this peace, this love to all of those effected by yesterday’s Washington Navy Yard shooting? What other positive actions can we take? How can we be the change?


Additional tool: Try the simple meditation technique Robert Tanner shared with us in his TFGP article. “When practicing Tonglen, you visualize taking on the suffering of others when you breathe in, and then giving happiness and success to them when you breathe out.”





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