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As we say goodbye to 2012 and usher in 2013 it is the perfect time to reflect and retune ourselves for the coming year. In doing so our team had a chance to look at what we’ve accomplished in 2012 and make plans for what we will achieve in 2013!!


In March of 2012 we saw the birth of Serve the Warrior! Julia’s vision of creating a retreat for Veterans with invisible wounds such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and/or traumatic brain injury (TBI) was in such need that the support has been flowing with grace and ease. From the Veterans we have met seeking alternative resources, to the healing professionals and individuals who are eager to volunteer, it is apparent this is a COMMUNITY whose time has come. We joined forces with Kind Media who gave us a beautiful website and CoActive Content who produced the official STW promo video. If you haven’t seen it yet you can check it out at And finally, in November SEE, Social and Environmental Entrepernuers graciously took us under their wing as our fiscal sponsor. Yes, you can thank SEE for your tax deductible donations. And now we are asking you to join in our journey! The foundation has been set, and we will continue to build so we can support our Veterans as they recover their missing peace.






Serve the Warrior was created so we can be of SERVICE to our military brothers and sisters. This is a movement, a chance for Americans to create the opportunity for Veterans to explore healing modalities not always available through the traditional health care system. With alarming statistics of soldiers returning with PTSD and/or TBI related injuries we as a society have to realize the impact that it has on all of us, not just the Veteran. More men and women returning from conflict are not able to return to the jobs they once held. Many are not able to return to the normalcy of the families they once were a part of. This has a social and economical consequence we can no longer avoid. Invisible wounds can be the darkest of all because we can’t observe the struggle. The stigma of being diagnosed stops many from seeking help. Awareness is the first step. Action is the second.





is to be of service to these men and women. To create a retreat where Veterans can participate with no cost to them. Will you join us? Will you serve? HOW will you serve? Be a part of our team!


CLICK HERE and see what area best fits you. Can you volunteer a service? …Such as offering your event planning expertise, fundraising skills, or becoming a writer for our blog. Are you a healing professional? Or do you know someone that you can forward this email who is in the field of holistic health care? Or a philanthropist? Can you help spread the word by using your network of co-workers, family, and friends? Even just reaching out to let people know about us is being of service. Make your New Year’s resolution to be of service to the men and women who have served for us.

Happy New Year and we hope you will join us. Together we can Serve the Warrior!!

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