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I would receive three treatments: (1) Abhyanga – warm oil therapeutic massage This, she told me, is not like a typical massage (not only deep muscle/tissue), it focuses mostly on the lymphatic system, to help flush toxins and other unwanted fluids our bodies store. (2) Ayurvedic Acupressure therapy Gentle pressure in just the right amount to specific points on my body to help activate energy flow and alleviate tension. Acupressure, I would later research, is an ancient healing art in which a practitioner uses their fingers to gradually press key healing points that stimulate the body in order to activate internal healing and soothing properties. (3) Shirodhara – warm oil drip on forehead (“third-eye”) Continue reading

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Just Relax – Part One of Three by Mary Taylor Fullerton   There is just no easy way to traverse San Francisco.  Pile-on lane closures, the ubiquitous SF rally about something, a gorgeous (read: crowded) day crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and my ascent into San Rafael from Half Moon Bay was not exactly calming.  After a long, taxing week – and not only in a literal sense as I actually owe taxes this year – I was looking forward to this experience, my first Ayurvedic package treatment. I work in the mental health field, more from a Westernized approach, as a psychotherapist helping individuals who struggle with mental health and addiction. This week, in particular, had been challenging as our team lost a client to suicide; I was in need of a little self-care and relaxation.  One of my … Continue reading

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