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Yoga for Everybody The Eight Limbs

Supported, Grounded, and Stable – Part Three of Three by Megan Cederbaum   Please read Part One and Part Two to understand where this picks up:   After class, I can definitely say I felt as if I were on “cloud nine!”  Even though some aspects of the class were challenging, that’s what made it all work for me as well.  If I’d already known all of the poses and what to do, it wouldn’t have been such a new and rewarding experience.  As the others were leaving, I spoke with Kathy and told her how much I enjoyed my first yoga class.  She gave me a little more insight on Gentle Yoga and told me to come back to try all the different classes the studio offers.   Walking out, I felt like a whole new person:  relaxed, at ease, and ready … Continue reading

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