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THE FLYING GUINEA PIG – Radical Aliveness

Nancy Takes a Risk by Nancy McCrumb   I’m not one for feeling feelings in general, let alone with a room full of strangers as an audience, so to say that I was trepidatious walking into the Radical Aliveness group session would be akin to saying MMA is a bit of a contact sport. I try my best to be receptive when approaching anything that will potentially help keep my PTSD on an even and manageable keel, however a childhood where crying was weakness and you got swatted with a newspaper til you quit flinching makes it easier to just write off all alternative therapies as “hippy dippy flower child bullshit” (thanks for that colorful turn of phrase, Dad). So, it was with a somewhat open mind that I went to the community night at Radical Aliveness in Santa Monica … Continue reading

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