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It turned out that I didn’t have to wait too long pondering these, because very soon I began to feel a tingling sensation in my legs. My knees began to move in and out like wings beating and I could feel the rhythm rising up my abdomen. Mary explained that if there were a part of the body where stress was stored, the tremors would find there way there. Sure enough, I began to sense the tremoring in my shoulders and neck, especially in my right side where I felt a little pinched whenever I was under stress or tired or nervous. It’s not easy to describe the sensation Continue reading

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Shake It Off – Part Two of Three by Sarah Eggers   Please read Part One to understand where this picks up:   Although Mary was a gifted guide, she made clear to us that the beauty of TRE is that the exercises work, once they have been mastered, regardless of the leader.  TRE, Mary explained, is basically a series of six simple, but semi-strenuous exercises that are designed to systematically fatigue the muscles of the lower body, thereby eliciting the body’s tremor response. The final and most important step of the technique involves lying on one’s back with the knees raised, a position that allows the tremoring to take place. One of the things I appreciate about TRE is that it is a self-help technique–that is, once you learn the exercises you can do them by yourself, wherever and whenever you … Continue reading

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