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A Lump of Pain  by Scott Lee   When Travis Martin, president of the Military Experience and the Arts, contacted me about an organization called Serve the Warrior that sets up alternative healing treatments for veterans in their hometowns for free or reduced cost, I was definitely interested. As a Veteran of the First Gulf War and a driver for the Bradley Fighting Vehicle for our brigade, I witnessed over 20,000 enemy lives taken in the 100 Hour Ground War. On this mission, I led the battle tanks into position and watched them dispatch the opposition tanks, turrets flipping end over end from our new armored piercing rounds. It was a four-day orgy of death that received little coverage in the press. In 2005, I was living in a small town in Kentucky far away from everyone I knew. Stuck … Continue reading

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Shining a Light on Like-Minded Orgs

Serve the Warrior is happy to be collaborating with Military Experience & the Arts! Like STW, Military Experience & the Arts is a nonprofit, volunteer-run organization for Veterans. MEA’s primary mission is to work with Veterans and their families to publish creative prose, poetry, and artwork. All editing, consultations, and workshops are free of charge to those accepted for publication. Each Veteran receives extensive, one-on-one consultations on his or her written or artistic work no matter where that Veteran might be located. MEA also works with scholars to publish articles related to Veterans’ issues in the humanities and social sciences.   MEA’s “flagship” publication is The Journal of Military Experience (JME). JME began in 2011 in a college classroom and presently receives worldwide submissions from Veterans and military communities. MEA is currently working on their third volume which will feature 59 original artwork pieces. You can … Continue reading

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