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How Many EFT Sessions Do I Need?

See more clearly. Begin taking down the trees. Patti Penn, Founder of Pause in Joy, speaks about EFT.

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  A Calm I Rarely Get by Erin Hudson When Julia founded Serve the Warrior and asked me to join her on the journey, I had no idea that I would be experiencing and blogging about healing treatments. We knew that along with orchestrating the Serve the Warrior Retreat we also wanted to spread the experience of nontraditional healing modalities to our Veteran community and beyond. Far be it for us to ask someone to have an open mind about something I’m not willing to check out myself, be the “guinea pig” so to say.   I was scheduled to receive a Harmonyum treatment at Naam Yoga in Santa Monica, California. Before I went to Namm for my treatment I did minimal research. I wanted to be, well surprised I guess. Sometimes when I know too much, I have expectations … Continue reading

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STW’s newest project has launched! Welcome to “The Flying Guinea Pig” Blog. If you are curious about nontraditional healing treatments than this is the place for you. Our civilian and Veteran bloggers have signed up to do more than just write and report…they have agreed to be our guinea pigs! Flying Guinea Pig writers are asked to receive a healing treatment/class/session in an arena that they have no previous experience in. With an open mind, our Guinea Pigs try something new. And it is here, in TFGP, where they share their experiences with you.    

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