Just Relax – Part One of Three

by Mary Taylor Fullerton


There is just no easy way to traverse San Francisco.  Pile-on lane closures, the ubiquitous SF rally about something, a gorgeous (read: crowded) day crossing the Golden Gate Bridge, and my ascent into San Rafael from Half Moon Bay was not exactly calming.  After a long, taxing week – and not only in a literal sense as I actually owe taxes this year – I was looking forward to this experience, my first Ayurvedic package treatment. I work in the mental health field, more from a Westernized approach, as a psychotherapist helping individuals who struggle with mental health and addiction. This week, in particular, had been challenging as our team lost a client to suicide; I was in need of a little self-care and relaxation.  One of my well-intentioned colleagues instructed me to “just relax, take it easy,” as a way to cope with the loss.  Uh-huh.  Sure.


I was aware that the Ayurveda treatment I was about to receive was designed to help me slow down, and I was hoping for any ounce of that. Ayurveda, I researched, is a form of alternative medicine native to the Indian subcontinent, and is actually a system of traditional medicine that uses complimentary plant-based medicines and other treatments to address physical and mental ailments, and well-being.


Cruising off the 101 I found my destination, at 911 Irwin Street (Marin Ayurveda), was just at the end of the busy exit ramp. After winding around and around some one-way streets, finally finding a two-hr parking spot, I entered “The French Quarter,” a lovely, U-shaped complex of cottage-like buildings with a patch of foliage-and-sitting areas in its center. Here sat Sanghee Chon, strong and quiet, waiting for me. I was struck by how peaceful and centered she appeared, a stark comparison to myself, still distracted by the sound of the cars on the nearby 101.


Sanghee greeted me warmly and welcomed me into the studio, where I followed suit and removed my shoes. She explained a little about the basic principles of Ayurveda treatment, her training and approach.  She explained that the goal in Ayurvedic medicine is to integrate and balance the body, mind, and spirit, treating specific physical and mental health problems to cleanse the body of substances that can cause disease and help re-establish harmony and balance. The treatments are “as unique as our own DNA,” designed for our individual make up. TO BE CONTINUED…Please click HERE to read Part Two!



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Mary Taylor Fullerton lives near the beach in Northern California, and works in the mental health and addiction field as an Art Therapist.  An avid lover of all things outdoors, Mary found her way to the San Francisco Bay Area after growing up just north of Boston, MA, where it is really hard to play softball in a t-shirt in January.


To learn more about Sanghee check out:

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