Supported, Grounded, and Stable – Part One of Three

by Megan Cederbaum


Yoga for Everybody

My name is Megan Cederbaum, I’m from Connecticut, and I just graduated from Roger Williams University.  I’ve always had a passion for helping people, much like the people at Serve the Warrior (STW), and I’m currently an STW intern.  My experience so far has been amazing; I learn new things everyday.  When I was offered the opportunity to sample a healing treatment and share my experiences in this blog, I was more than ready!


I’ve heard endless testimonials about the everyday benefits of yoga from friends and family, so I decided to give it a try.  Having never attended a yoga class before, I was also a bit apprehensive, but I realized those feelings were part of all the uncertainty in my life since graduating.  I needed something to relieve my stress and help me feel more at ease.


First, I had to figure out where to take a class, so I researched studios close to my home.  My wish list:  a place that looked inviting, offered a lot of classes, and was a real yoga environment.  After sifting through countless reviews and highest-rated matches on Yelp, Yoga for Everybody, in Fairfield, CT, really stuck out to me.  Their laid-back website led me to give them a call.  I talked to Evelyne, the studio owner, who was very welcoming.  She was immediately drawn to STW’s mission and invited me to try one of their classes.  My original top three options were Gentle Yoga, Intro to Yoga, and Meditation, but I narrowed the list to Gentle Yoga.  Looking at their convenient online schedule, I chose a Gentle Viniyoga class with Kathy Jamison.


Yoga for Everybody yoga studio

The day eventually came and I was beyond excited to get to class.  I dressed myselffrom head-to-toe in comfortable clothing and was ready to go.  Yoga for Everybody is located in downtown Fairfield, close to many shops, restaurants, and of course, the beach.  Also, the studio is next to the town’s train station… how convenient!  I was nervous going in alone, but I walked up the stairs and was greeted by the friendly receptionist, who gave me a quick tour.  Then I filled out some paperwork and was led into the actual studio, awaiting the class to begin.


By the look and feel of the room, I could tell how relaxed I was going to be.  There were endless amounts of sunlight and the room was very open.  One lady was already in the corner, getting her “zen” on!  The receptionist helped me pick out a mat and other props that she said I’d probably use during the class.  After that, she left so I could get situated and it was my turn to choose where I wanted to sit and get comfortable.  I’d arrived relatively early, so I propped myself up towards the back of the room; this way I could see the rest of the class and observe others doing the poses.  People came in one by one and I knew it was almost time for the class to begin.  The class had 10 students, eight women and two men.  I was happy the class size wasn’t overwhelming; it was the perfect amount for each of us to have our own space.  TO BE CONTINUED…Please click HERE to read Part Two!


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