Shake It Off – Part Three of Three

by Sarah Eggers


Please read Part One and Part Two to understand where this picks up:


It turned out that I didn’t have to wait too long pondering these, because very soon I began to feel a tingling sensation in my legs.  My knees began to move in and out like wings beating and I could feel the rhythm rising up my abdomen.  Mary explained that if there were a part of the body where stress was stored, the tremors would find there way there.  Sure enough, I began to sense the tremoring in my shoulders and neck, especially in my right side where I felt a little pinched whenever I was under stress or tired or nervous.  It’s not easy to describe the sensation, except to say that it was warm and tingly, and very pleasurable.  I tend to be a person who has to work to feel connected to my body, but as I tremored, I felt completely “in” my own skin, and absorbed in the moment.  To be honest, it felt wonderful.  At one point, one of the other women giggled a little, and I knew that she too was feeling this lovely sensation.


Heather, Mary, Sarah, and Michelle relaxing after TRE workshop.

I kept thinking that the tremoring would stop, like a hula hoop that slowly revolves to theground.  But I was surprised that it didn’t seem, after several minutes, to be letting up.  Mary suggested that we begin to release our knees when we were ready to stop, and this would let the tremoring subside.  Part of me was reluctant to discontinue, but our time was winding down.  I finally began to straighten my legs, letting the shaking die down until I was lying supine, eyes open, with a deep sense of relaxation.  When we finally sat up to talk about the experience, I noticed right away that I felt very awake and bright, as if I had just awakened from a deep and rich sleep.  My mind felt clear and my senses heightened.  We talked for a few minutes about what we had experienced, and it seemed that everyone felt similarly relaxed but had a slightly different description of what it had been like during the tremoring.  We all got out of it, I supposed,  what we needed to.


For me, TRE was non-threatening, simple, and immediately effective. Mary Asked us to remain conscious of how we felt in the afternoon, the evening and the next day, and to contact her if we wished to describe or ask about any sensations.  I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening feeling refreshed and awake, and I drank a lot of liquids and went to bed early.  The next day, I felt good, with perhaps some slight soreness in my thighs. I have not yet made TRE as regular to my routine as teeth brushing, but I could imagine doing so.  And now when I see my dog do her shaky dance, I know I can do it too!


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A special thank you to Sal Romeo for providing the space for our TRE session.

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